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Froggy Pose | Newborn Photography

Newborn boy in froggy pose

During a posed newborn session, there is a series of poses that we as photographers strive to complete. Yes, there are "technical" names for these poses as well! I love them all. It takes skill, training, and experience to master posed newborn photography. It is definitely harder than it looks and is so much more than just laying the baby down on fabric and snapping away.

What I would like to show you is one pose in particular - the "Froggy" pose. Not everyone (photographers included) likes it, but it is one of my favorites and many of my clients like it as well. I can't stress enough that you should not try this unless you have done your research and watched someone with experience complete this pose (or even trained with a mentor).

Many people are surprised to find that rarely ever is the baby sitting there, propped up on his/her own! Sure, there are a select few newborn photographers who have been specializing in newborns for many, many years and are comfortable lifting their hands from baby.

I take newborn safety very seriously. I will not continue with this pose if baby wakes and becomes irritable and I will always have one hand on baby at all times (or have a parent assist).

I complete this pose by compositing two images to create one final image like so:

Example of a newborn froggy pose composite

This sweet girl is Ryleigh. She was so good for me!

Newborn baby girl in froggy pose

This is also another way to show that our work isn't done after you leave your newborn session. Then it's time to edit! I love making my vision come alive to create works of art for my clients and friends!

Maybe you learned something new, maybe you didn't, but thank you so much checkin out my blog post!

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