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The woman behind the camera

Welcome to my blog! Let me introduce myself.... I'm Crystal, the woman behind the camera, owner/photographer of Alexander & Kate Photography.

Because it's always nice to put a face with a name, this is me and my hubby!

My husband and I posing during our fall photography session.

{Photo credit to my gorgeous, talented friend an fellow photog, Jenna Allen.}

My husband and I have been married for 5 years, together for a total of 11 years. We actually got married on our dating anniversary, just so we wouldn't have to keep up with multiple anniversary dates, haha! We have two beautiful children together. Four year old Urijah and one year old Brynleigh. I was totally a momtographer (and still am). They are the reason I took the plunge into professional photography! They also inspired my business name - Urijah Alexander & Brynleigh Kate.

They're much cuter than hubs and I....


A little more about why I started Alexander & Kate Photography...

I have loved taking photographs and capturing memories for as long as I can remember. I purchased my first "professional" camera during my last semester of college. If you're wondering what I went to college for: I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Health Science. Yep. Totally not photography related!

Years later and along came my first born, my son Urijah. I began taking his monthly milestone photos so I could document his growth and remember all of the sweet stages of his first year.

Of course when I had my daughter, I knew I'd be doing the same with her. It was at her newborn session that I was first intrigued by the art of newborn photography. Naturally, I went home and practiced on her. >insert crazy face here< Yep, you guessed it - those photos didn't turn out so well. Luckily a professional had already taken her newborn photos! I'll share more about the start of my newborn photography adventure another time.

Several months later that same year came my niece, then my cousin's baby boy. It wasn't until after photographing my cousin's baby that I realized "Hey, I want to do this more often!"

In January of 2017 I decided to pursue professional photography specializing in newborns, first year, and maternity. I began investing my time into studying and learning about proper techniques and newborn safety. I watched workshops from established newborn photographers Kelly Brown, Ana Brandt and others. I also joined every newborn photography group on social media to learn from other professionals who had been in this business for years. I asked friends and family if they or anyone they knew would allow me to photograph their newborn for a model session so I could implement my studies and gain hands on experience and practice. (A huge THANK YOU to those who trusted me with their babies and helped me learn!)

Children grow and change in the blink of an eye. I love capturing those little details of freshly born babies from their tiny little toes to their sweet little wrinkles. The first 12 months of baby's life is so dynamic and progressive. Documenting their first smile, the sitter stage, and when they begin to stand or take their first steps is so exciting!


I'm excited to get started with my blog and introduce you to the heart of my business - my clients! I will be sharing personal stories, mine and my client's favorite images, and much more! You'll get to see more behind the scenes action and learn more about the safety precautions that I take to keep your baby safe and comfortable during their sessions.


I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have or friendly suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I'm enthusiastic about this journey and sharing my passion with you!

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